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Puff HTV

Puff HTV

Puff HTV creates a 3D puffed up effect with a very unique texture each application. Small cavities may be swallowed up in the process, so simple designs, shapes and lettering work best that are not thin.


Puff is designed to only withstand ONE heat application otherwise it will permanently flatten.


We highly recommend only using a heat press for this one not a home iron.

Keep in mind, the texture of the puff differs to the material it is applied too and results do change with heat settings. Make sure you do a test to get it right for your press as they also differ in pressure before you do a project. Start off with a letter or shape to avoid vinyl wastage on an old piece of clothing.


Comes in two lengths 30cm x 1m and A4 sheet size.

  • Cutting Guide -

    Cricut - Glitter iron on, defult pressure

    Brother scan N cut - Blade 3, pressure 5

  • Pressing guide -

    Heat press recommended only not a home iron. If using the Auto press, add an extra board to help add more pressure. Pre heat the fabric for 30-40 seconds to remove any moisture which may cause extra steam when pressing the Puff and effect results.

    Press 150 degrees for 10 seconds. FIRM pressure. No teflon sheet. Remove carrier sheet straight away. If you are getting a squiggly outcome, more than likely you aren't using enough pressure. Puff requires a LOT of pressure.

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